Located on the southwestern coast of Turkey, within the borders of the province of Muğla, Bodrum is one of Turkey’s most popular holiday resorts worldwide. Bodrum is a holiday resort with magnificent natural beauties where the sea, mountains and pine forests meet. Bodrum, one of the most popular holiday resorts in Turkey, offers vacationers an unforgettable holiday opportunity with its magnificent sea, natural beauties, pine forests, nature parks, coves and beaches, luxury resorts, hotels and resorts, restaurants, nightclubs and shopping opportunities.

Bodrum, which was built on Halicarnassus, one of the oldest settlements of the ancient age, is also the most important holiday paradise of Turkey opening to the world from the Aegean with its unique architectural structure, white painted houses, historical and bougainvillea-adorned face.

Bodrum peninsula with 650 kilometers of coastline, as well as Gumbet, Bitez, Ortakent, Bagla, Aspat, Karaincir, Akyarlar, Turgutreis, Gumusluk, Kadıkalesi, Yalıkavak, Gundogan, Turkbuku, Golturkbuku, Torba and many more settlements and beaches in Turkey It is one of the exclusive and popular holiday centers of Turkey.

Halicarnassus Fisherman Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı, one of the symbols of Bodrum, said, “Do not think that you will leave as you came, those before you were like that. They always left their minds in Bodrum…” as he wrote, Bodrum has a special place among all the holiday resorts of Turkey.

BC in Halicarnassus, the old name of Bodrum. According to Herodotus, who was born in 484 and called the father of history, Bodrum was founded by the Dors. Later, Karya and Legs settled in this region. B.C. In 650, the Megarians came to this region and expanded the city and named it Halicarnassus.

B.C. Halicarnassus, which came under the domination of the Persians in 386 BC. When it became the capital of the Caria region in 353, it experienced the brightest period of its time. Bodrum Mausoleion, one of the seven wonders of the world, was also built in this period in memory of King Mausolos by his sister and also his wife Artemisia.

Halicarnassus, BC. In 192, the Romans, A.D. In 395, the Byzantines and A.D. In the 11th century, it was dominated by the Turks. Later, in the First Crusade Wars, it was captured by the Byzantines again and then by the Turks in the 14th century. Halicarnassus, which passed under the sovereignty of the Knights of Rhodes in 1415, finally came under the rule of the Ottoman Empire in 1522 during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent. The name of Bodrum was given after the proclamation of the Republic.

Bodrum’s historical and touristic places

Bodrum castle
We also recommend you to visit the popular historical places of Bodrum during your Bitez holiday. Bodrum Castle in the center of Bodrum, Bodrum Sulati Archeology Museum, Bodrum Antique Theatre, Bodrum Mausoleion Open Air Museum, Myndos Gate, Zeki Müren Museum and Bodrum Maritime Museum, Bodrum Windmills on the Bodrum peninsula and the ancient city of Pedasa are among the places worth seeing. .

Bodrum beaches

There are many magnificent coves and beaches on the Bodrum peninsula, which has a coastline of 650 kilometers. You can spend a nice day on the quality and beautiful beaches of Bodrum, and you can do fun water sports such as parasailing, banana, ringo, jet-ski and diving. More…

Beach clubs offer dozens of activities, restaurants, concerts and parties as well as beach and sun pleasure for those who love sea holidays. Bodrum beach clubs and beaches are the best in Turkey in this regard, offering their visitors a special and entertaining Bodrum holiday and quality Bodrum nightlife, both during the day and at night. More…

Daily Tours
During your hotel holiday in Bitez, instead of just spending your holiday at the hotel, you can join Bodrum Daily Tours and participate in activities full of fun and adrenaline.

Daily boat tours, bicycle, jeep safari, ATV safari or horse safari tours, scuba diving tours and tours to the ancient city of Ephesus, Pamukkale and Dalyan from nearby touristic resorts are the most popular daily tours you can take during your Bodrum holiday.

Night life
One of the most important features that makes Bodrum Bodrum is its very lively and dynamic nightlife. Bodrum nightlife is one of the most popular in Turkey. The natural beauty and calmness of the day give way to the never-ending rhythm of entertainment at night in Bodrum.

Bodrum offers all kinds of accommodation for holidaymakers, from 5-star hotels to ultra-all-inclusive and all-inclusive hotels, as well as from boutique hotels to budget apartments and hostels offering bed and breakfast.