Marmaris is one of Turkey’s most beautiful and pleasant holiday place, while admiring the magnificent nature. For those who are looking for a Marmaris travel guide or want to have a nice holiday in the region, we want to give information about the region. We want to give information on how to have a holiday in the region, where to stay, what to eat and how to have a good time. We can say that you will have very enjoyable and entertaining times in this paradise region, which contains numerous shades of blue and green.

About Marmaris

Marmaris is an extremely important district that has existed since 1200 BC and has been used as a settlement. It has hosted many civilizations throughout history and has become an important coastal city due to its location where the Mediterranean and the Aegean meet. Since it is located at the junction point of commercial routes between Egypt and Rhodes regions, it has started to develop continuously. As it hosted many civilizations in the past, it hosts many ancient cities. When you decide to visit the region, you should not skip these ancient cities.

Marmaris is one of the best and most effective regions that can be preferred for both cultural trips and holidays. There are quite impressive ancient cities waiting for you on cultural tours. For your holiday, a magnificent sea and clean beaches await you. You can swim in Marmaris for an average of 7 months. Therefore, you are offered the opportunity to take a long vacation.

As it is a coastal region, it also has the most important ports of our country. Yacht tours and daily excursions are organized here. You can visit the unique bays and regions by participating in these tours and excursions while visiting the region. There are many more things to say about Marmaris because it is an impressive place with unlimited beauty.

Places to Visit in Marmaris

Although Marmaris first comes to mind when it comes to sea holidays, it also has many important activities. There is a very pleasant and impressive area to visit in the region. You can easily visit the unique regions in the region by sparing 3-4 days on average. When you visit, the places to visit in Marmaris are as follows;

• Historical city center
• İçmeler beach
• Marmaris Castle and Marmaris Museum
• Cleopatra Island / Sedir Island Beach
• Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai
• Bördübet Cove
• Baca Cave
• Old Bazaar
• Amos Ancient City
• Turgut Village
• Girl Sand
• Bead Bay

The regions listed above are the most important points that you should definitely visit. In addition to these, there are many more unique bays and beaches. Our advice to you is not to be limited to one place, especially when it comes to beaches, and you should definitely visit other beaches. Maybe you can discover many more unique structures, artifacts and regions during this search.

Marmaris is also very famous for its nightlife. Especially Bar Street directs the nightlife of the region. In this street, entertainment venues for every taste can be found. After a daytime cultural tour or holiday, you can choose unique places to relax at night and have fun.

When and How to Go to Marmaris?

We would like to give information for those who wonder when and how to go to Marmaris. Marmaris is a place with dry and hot summers and heavy rainfall in winters. When you choose for a holiday, it gives you the chance to visit every 7-8 months. However, as it can be very crowded during the season, you can choose spring and autumn instead of summer. You can visit it in any season for the cultural tour. You only need to pay attention to this, as you may have difficulty traveling during very rainy periods.

There are many transportation options you can choose to come to Marmaris. First of all, you can fly to Dalaman Airport in the city you want. The distance between Dalaman Airport and Marmaris is 88 km. You can reach this distance by renting a car, Havaş shuttles or transfer services. When you want to come with your private vehicle, you can easily reach the region from the highway.

Where to Stay in Marmaris?

When you choose Marmaris for holiday or cultural tours, you can find very nice accommodation options in the region. As it is a holiday destination, there are extremely stylish and luxurious hotels. In addition, Marmaris accommodation options include alternatives such as renting a house, apart or camping. You can easily find a good accommodation option that suits your budget and enjoy the region.

We tried to provide detailed information for those looking for a Marmaris travel guide. Before you visit the region, you can review our article and make your time there more pleasant.