Ölüdeniz of Fethiye is incredibly suitable for those who are tired of the crowd and chaos of the city. It will fascinate you with its magnificent nature, peace and atmosphere. Thanks to the Ölüdeniz travel guide, you can enjoy the sea and the sun better when you visit the region, or you can touch the unique historical texture in the region. There are many activities you can do in the region and extremely enjoyable areas you can visit. You may need a good travel guide to have a good time. We would like to provide information and help you about what you can do in the region and how you can spend your time.

Information About Ölüdeniz

Ölüdeniz, located in the Aegean region and connected to Fethiye, is a place that fully meets the concept of paradise. Ölüdeniz, where you can see almost every shade of blue. While the region was called “the land of light and sun” in the Lycian period, it was known as the “distant land” in the Middle Ages. Besides its historical beauties, Ölüdeniz has an excellent beach. Moreover, this beach is a registered place. As a result of the voting held in 2006, it was chosen the most beautiful beach in the world with 82% of the votes.

Ölüdeniz, which resembles a calm lake, has a structure that constantly renews itself. Due to the tides experienced, the sea is constantly renewed and therefore it is always clean. The fact that it is surrounded by forests also creates a magnificent effect. In short, Ölüdeniz is one of the greatest gifts of nature to humanity.

Places to Visit in Ölüdeniz

When you say Ölüdeniz, the first thing that comes to mind is the sea, the sun and a magnificent beach, but Ölüdeniz is not just these. First of all, there are unique places to visit. Places to visit in Ölüdeniz, which has historical and natural beauties, are as follows;

• Ölüdeniz Nature Park
• Belcekız Beach
• Babadağ (famous for both its natural beauty and paragliding)
• Hisaronu
• Butterfly Valley
• Kabak Bay
• Gemile Island
• Saklıkent Canyon
• Patara Ancient City
• Likya way

There are many natural and impressive beauties in Ölüdeniz. Each of these is worth seeing.

When and How to Go to Ölüdeniz?

In Ölüdeniz, where the Black Sea climate is dominant, summers are hot and dry, and winters are warm and rainy. We can say that you can actually visit in all seasons. The time to enter the sea is quite long, so you can visit the area most of the year even for a sea holiday. If you don’t choose too hot weather, the best seasons to choose are autumn and spring.

Transportation to Ölüdeniz by road and air is extremely easy. Anywhere in Turkey via the expressway, you can access your private vehicle. You can also fly directly to Dalaman Airport by air and reach Ölüdeniz from there.

Ölüdeniz Accommodation Options

When you choose Ölüdeniz for travel, if there is one thing you should not worry about, it is accommodation. There are many accommodation places in Ölüdeniz. Since it is popular for tourism, there are many hotels and apartments in the region. There are also rental villa options for those who want to stay more comfortably in the region. In addition, we can say that there are many areas where you can camp.

With the Ölüdeniz travel guide we have prepared for you, you can spend an extremely pleasant and comfortable time in the region.