Saklikent (The Hidden City)

High in the mountains above Fethiye, rushing torrents cut a narrow gorge through the mountains and create the famous formation named Saklikent (The Hidden City), a cool refuge on the hot summer days. Here is another must see place. The canyon is so deep and narrow that even sunlight can’t enter the canyon.

The visitors of Saklikent travel around by walking on the streams and waters. The water is cold that gives comfort under the hot climate.

The Esen Stream is on the way where the water has a huge flow rate. Wooden bridges are established on the stream for the travelers.

After the canyon adventure you arrive to the resting place where there are restaurants serving trout and local food.

Ancient Cities around

Yakakoy (Tlos) is another place to see around. It is located 35 kilometers on the south of Fethiye. It is the oldest city of the Lycian region. The home of the Lycian Hero Bellerophon, the remnants of the castle, agora, necropolis, theatre, agora, the Roman baths worth seeing. And also the view of the Esen Valley fascinates its visitors.

Pinara is another ancient mountain city located 50 kilometers on the south of Fethiye. The area is ideal for hiking and trekking tours. The remnants of a theatre, agora, rock tomb and bath can be seen.

Xanthos is another famous ancient city 65 kilometers on the southeast of Fethiye. It was an important city of the Lycians. There are three temples dedicated to Leto, Artemis and Apollo.